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Where it all began...

Nicholas Senita (otherwise known as “Uncle Nick”) is doing his part to add to the relevance of the neighborhood. Uncle Nick’s Barbershop is one of the most interesting places to look at in Erie, with handcrafted signage, a working barber pole, a photographic mural, and a garden in the back. The outside of the establishment is interesting, no doubt, but the inside is where you want to be if you want visual stimulation. Paneled with antique barn wood, the barbershop’s walls display a collection of fedoras, neon signs, a guitar case with a unique history, a unicycle, and cases of antique barbering tools and shaving mugs, as well as memorabilia from Uncle Nick’s many adventures.

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Uncle's Barber Shop

2932 Peach St. Erie PA, 16508

When you visit Uncle’s Barber Shop, after you get the tour and a few stories, Uncle Nick will give you a shave and a haircut. You will feel connected to the past and help solve the problems of the future. If you so desire, Uncle Nick will style your hair with some of his own patented pomade as he tells you one more story. His feisty little dog Charlie will ruff his approval and then escort you to the door.

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